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Cloud solutions

Cloud solutions bring the benefits of large and well-secured infrastructure for everyone. You do not have to invest in your own servers and their operation or development. You can replace the cloud infrastructure completely or only expand your resources according to the current needs of the company.


These days, it is no longer necessary to invest in the company's IT base and to operate it by yourself.

These days, it is no longer necessary to invest in the company's IT base and to operate it by yourself. The operation of servers, their management, back-up and operational security can be contracted as a service provided by professional data centres. The price of the cloud solution is based on the scope, performance or capacity of the contracted services, and can be dynamically changed according to the current needs of the company. Have you acquired a big project and need to expand your team ad hoc? No problem, the number of licences or resources used will simply be increased for the duration of the project. Do you need to manage the company or communicate with customers via video conferencing? Simply use the connection to the cloud and the required technologies are at your disposal.

For the operation of our cloud services, we use the DC Tower data centre, which is part of the critical infrastructure of the state.

The customer virtual machine back-ups and replicas are directed to another data centre where they can be put into operation in case of emergency.

We provide e-mail, file and video conferencing services for our customers using Microsoft Office 365 or Google Gsuite cloud solutions. If the customer wishes, we will back up the data from these services in our data centre, so they are available if there are problems with the service.

Whether you need to operate a professional e-mail solution, work with shared files, hold video conferences, handle the company’s accounts or have your own infrastructure that you would need to expand with modern technologies, we will find a tailor-made solution for you. We will discuss the needs of your company, propose and implement the optimum solution and train the operators. That way you get rid of the concerns regarding operation, back-up or development.


What Is Included
in cloud solutions

E-mails, shared data and video conferencing

The largest cloud solutions Microsoft Office 365 or Google Gsuite bring modern means of communication for everyone from the smallest companies to multinational corporations.

Cloud servers

Safe and continuous operation of individual servers with company accounting programs as well as comprehensive server infrastructures.

Hybrid solutions

Do you have your own infrastructure but need to expand it in a flexible manner? Connecting it with resources in a cloud will enable your company to operate key resources in a professional data centre with guaranteed availability and back-ups.

Connection to Internet

The stable connection of a company or a branch to the Internet is essential in today's world. Therefore, we offer connectivity, including back-up lines, for most locations in the Czech Republic

What are the benefits of a cloud solution
for you?

  1. We will listen to your needs and propose tailor-made solutions

  2. We will recommend how new cloud technologies could help your company

  3. We take security of your data very seriously

  4. Extensive experience of our technicians

  5. We will demonstrate and explain everything in advance so that you know what the solution will bring to you

  6. Training of operators and users after implementation

  7. We implement everything from basic services for small companies to cloud infrastructure

„Our data centre services will enable you to save investment into building your own production solution. Due to the immediately available free capacity and virtual infrastructure, we are practically able to set up the required services for your data and applications immediately.“
Martin Wessnitzer
Senior IT Administrator

We provide cloud services
for IPEX a.s.

A medium-sized technological company with the need to operate from different branches and to respond to current developments in the world of technology.

Freeing company technical staff from user support and their full focus on own development. Guarantee of compliance with the set security standards for company data. Read more »

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