Data networks, camera systems, access systems, etc.

Low-voltage systems

A stable network infrastructure is an essential prerequisite for a functional IT environment, without which it is not possible to operate computer, telephone, camera and other systems in any company.


We offer a comprehensive range of low-voltage and security systems.

We provide a wide and comprehensive range of low-voltage and security systems of various nature and applications. We examine the needs and then propose the optimum solution using state-of-the-art security technology, camera systems and data distribution systems.

The complexity of our activities not only lies in their implementation by a team of certified technicians, but also in the ability to prepare complete project implementation documentation of low-voltage systems as a whole.

of low-voltage solutions

Structured cabling systems (SCS)

A stable network infrastructure is an essential prerequisite for a functional IT environment.

Electronic security systems (ESS)

We offer comprehensive solutions from the project preparation to the final implementation to meet the specific needs of each customer.

CCTV camera systems

We design, supply and install camera systems in the form of a variable solution design based on an analysis of the client’s needs and requirements.

Access control systems (ACS)

They ensure protection of the premises against entry of unauthorised persons together with accurate records of movement in the building or on the premises. It is often closely related to the ESS and can integrate an attendance system.

Fire alarm systems (FAS)

A comprehensive fire alarm solution from the project preparation to the final implementation to meet the needs of building fire safety. Implementation, servicing and inspections of ESSER systems.

Other low-voltage systems

Telephone switchboards, CAS antenna systems, attendance systems, evacuation announcement systems, queue management systems.

Why resolve your low-voltage solutions
with us?

  1. We carefully identify customers' needs and propose tailor-made solutions

  2. Comprehensiveness from the solution design, project documentation to implementation

  3. Our proactive approach during the implementation will save clients both time and costs

  4. Multi-level implementation quality control

  5. We place high emphasis on the quality of implementation and long service life of the solution

  6. High expertise of our technicians, regular certifications

  7. We are a stable and responsible team that can resolve complications and improvise

„We will identify your needs and propose which technologies will be used for your project. We always examine the purpose of the building and, based on this information, propose the most suitable solution for the implementation of the project itself, as well as possible subsequent servicing of low-voltage systems.“
Jindřich Neumann
Head of low-voltage distribution system implementation

Low voltage distribution systems
for ISCARE - clinical center

Providing specialised medical procedures, cat. 7 structured cabling systems with more than 2,100 ports and 120 km of metallic and fibre-optical routes, a nurse-patient system, Českomoravská ul. Prague 9, 2019/2020

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