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IT management

Outsourcing can be an option to ensure a high level of IT care at an acceptable cost.


System service and management

We offer system service and management that covers the portfolio of the current requirements of entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies and branches of corporations. We primarily offer cooperation in areas such as IT outsourcing and management, maintenance and sales of computer technology and, last but not least, in the design and supply of complex solutions.

We will help you make the right choice. We prioritise selection of suitable solutions, quality, and service conditions, and technical support. Our specialists are prepared to consult the hardware and software delivery solutions you are considering at any time.

ICT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing and management represent significant cost savings for you, in addition to a number of other appreciable benefits. It is an efficient, reliable and economically beneficial way of ensuring the operation of the computer network.

You, as our potential partners, can therefore fully focus on your main business activities, develop them further, and thus strengthen your competitiveness. This will also reflect in an increase in the profitability of the invested funds. By using ICT outsourcing services, you simply pass on the responsibility for designing, building and managing your information system or computer network to an experienced and responsible partner based on clearly defined contractual terms and conditions.


What IT management includes

Management of networks, systems and devices

We will take care of the operation of your servers, networks and client devices.

Deliveries of hardware and software

We will help you select the correct computer, server or program for your business.

Tailor-made designs of IT infrastructure solutions

No matter if we are dealing with systems at your locations, in a cloud, or a hybrid solution, our priority is the security of your data, high availability and competitive pricing.

Server systems

A team of certified technicians with extensive experience with dozens of customers and from dozens of implementations is available to you for normal operation of servers, as well as for resolving unforeseen problems.

ICT consulting

We can look at your IT from outside. We will assess its condition, possible risks and options, and based on our extensive experience, we will recommend where to go next.

Solving issues within the agreed response time

Our technicians are available to you to solve IT problems in the form of remote assistance, a service call or a regular help desk on-site.

What are the benefits of outsourcing
for you?

  1. High flexibility and speed of problem solving

  2. Stabilisation of IT administration and management costs

  3. Service quality tied to SLA (Service Level Agreement)

  4. Problems are resolved by certified professionals with experience with the matter at hand

  5. Use of the experience and knowledge of professionals whose training would be too difficult or very time-consuming to train and apply at their own expense

  6. Increased security and stability of systems, qualified guidance towards robust IT infrastructure

  7. Optimisation of the TCO (total cost of ownership) of IT investments and management of your company

„We enjoy IT. Leave the worry to us so you can focus on your work. We will help you make the right choice of a tailor-made technical solution; we will provide technical support that speaks human ;-)“
Šonka Josef
IT director of G-DATA servis

IT outsourcing
GfK Czech s.r.o.

Situation: a medium-sized company, Czech and Slovak branch of a multinational corporation, requires a local IT team of flexible size that would closely cooperate with corporate IT in on-site user support and compliance with company standards.

Benefit for the customer: getting rid of your concerns about IT support, its representativeness and knowledge continuity. A team of technicians who are fully capable of standing in for each other is available to be deployed as required by the current needs and situation. The solution is much more cost effective for the customer than to employ a larger number of IT technicians who would be utilised intermittently. read more »

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